Miss Yaa Asantewaa 2020 set to start, contestants ready for tasks.

Miss Yaa Asantewaa 2020 set to start, contestants ready for tasks.
Miss Yaa Asantewaa.

It’s a brand new year and all we wish you are the splendor of a new beginning.

What’s a better way to kick start the new year, than with an update on the ongoing Miss Yaa Asantewaa beauty pageant. The search for Ghana’s representative for Miss Planet International has started, as contestants gear up to undertake various tasks. Now, let me run you through an insight into how it is all going to happen.

First, they will be embarking on a jungle search, to find the Golden stool. The delegates will be divided into two groups, Water and Plant to set on a journey into the jungle to find the hidden stool. The group that finds it’s way to the stool first, will be declared winners of the task. The jungle search is scheduled to take place on the 4th of January.

Secondly, there would also be Talent Hunt and Project Presentation afterward. Each delegate will be dared to exhibit their talent, whilst we lookout for the most amazing talent among them.

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In addition, there would also be a session, where all delegates will explain how they intend to roll out their various projects of choice. This, as well as the Talent Hunt, will take place on the 11th of January at the Forestry commission hall, Ejisu near Anita hotel.

Also, you should, however, take note that, on the Talent hunt and project presentation day, Best talent and the Dream girl of the year will be awarded to the best delegate(s).

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Meanwhile, in all the aforementioned tasks, points will be awarded to delegates who put up a great performance. Not forgetting their votes too would also be a major determining factor.

Furthermore, the grand finale will be on the 18th of January. Also note that, the entire pageantry will be covered and aired by Asanteman TV.

Miss Yaa Asantewaa 2020 set to start, contestants ready for tasks.
Jungle search and Talent hunt & Preject Presentation