Blakk Cedi ‘stole’ Stonebwoy’s resources for selfish gains – Abeiku Santana reveals as Stonebwoy reacts

Blakk Cedi stole Stonebwoy's resources for selfish gains – Abeiku Santana reveals as Stonebwoy reacts
Stonebwoy with Abeiku Santana(left) and Stonebwoy with Blakk Cedi(right)

Last week, the attack on Kelvyn Boy at Ashaiman and the subsequent accusations against Stonebwoy was evidently the most topical issue in Ghana’s showbiz. As the week drew to a close, the ongoing controversies even heightened as Stonebwoy proceeded to court and made even more interesting revelations about the issue.

Samini intervened at a point, calling on both sides to finally come together to make peace. However, what kept the controversies still going were the issues emanating from Stonebwoy’s interview on United Showbiz last Saturday.

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The Hot Gossip team of The Premier Hub of Pop culture, Urban Entertainment, and Lifestyle after dissecting the issues realized there is still one major element of that interview we might have not touched on. Thus, the part about Stonebwoy’s former manager, Blakk Cedi, and Kelvyn Boy’s betrayal.

Abeiku Santana reveals

Ace Broadcaster, Abeibu Santana in an attempt to slip out a hint about what he knows transpired between Stonebwoy and Blakk Cedi, leading to their separation said this:

“It is like you are building your house, and somebody decides to break a part of it to take some of your building blocks, to build his own house. That was Stonebwoy’s painful experience” [Translated from Twi]

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He juxtaposed the rift between Stonebwoy and Black Cedi due to Kelvyn Boy, to be that of cheating or theft. Which means Black Cedi took [or should I say stole] some of Stonebwoy’s resources at Burniton Music Group for his selfish gains.

Stonebwoy’s reaction

Moreover, what Stonebwoy too said about their feud also fell in line with that of Abeiku Santana. He compared the situation to when he was under Samini and his manager by then, Tony as a young artiste. The impression he would have created if Tony all of a sudden decided to break away from Samini, just to manage him. “If you are smart. What would have been your impression?” He questioned.

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Finally, though Stonebwoy was reluctant about going into the details, his clues were clear enough for one to draw the following conclusions:

  1. Blakk Cedi at a point decided to concentrate only on Kelvyn Boy. Thus, dedicating all his time and efforts to him, creating the impression that he manages only Kelvyn Boy.
  2. However, since they were still with Burniton Music Group, Blakk Cedi did so with resources from Burniton Music.
  3. Black Cedi might have connived with Kelvyn Boy to breach the revenue sharing agreement stated in Kelvyn Boy’s contract.
  4. Blakk Cedi stole Kelvyn Boy onto his Blakk Arm Group, whilst still making use of Burniton Music Group’s resources. Besides, Kelvyn Boy was also a resource or a property of Stonebwoy’s Burniton Music Group.
  5. M’ano yi[this my mouth]. Let me end it here before they come and burn my house with a lighter. LOL
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Watch to the very final parts of this video, to listen to their submissions:

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