How to get free airtime on MTN

How to get free airtime on MTN

MTN users can now get free airtime for just using the network. Ghana’s largest telecommunication network, MTN Ghana rewards its customers with free airtime for using their MTN number. You must now be wondering how you get this free MTN airtime or how it works, right? Here is how.

How it works

MTN gives its customers free airtime as part of its MTN Rewards package. MTN Rewards is a loyalty-based system designed to reward customers with points for using their MTN numbers. These points can be used to redeem get free MTN airtime.

Thus, all you have to do is continue using your MTN number to talk (make calls), text, browse and make MTN Mobile Money transactions. The more points you earn, the more free airtime you get to redeem.

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How to get MTN free airtime, free data and amazing discounts on MTN Rewards

Moreover, you get an additional 50% discount for your first redemption on Fridays. Is that not amazing? Use MTN more to accrue more points and enjoy awesome prizes like free airtime from MTN Rewards. The shortcode for MTN Rewards is *550#

How to redeem free airtime on MTN Rewards

To redeem your MTN Rewards points:

  • Dial *550#
  • Select MTN Rewards (Option 7)
  • Select Check Points balance (Option 1) [To check points]
  • Select Option 0 () Back and enter 2
  • Enter 1 (Airtime)
  • Choose your preferred amount of free airtime to redeem, based on your accumulated points
  • Select 1 to confirm your MTN Reward redemption.
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Meanwhile, MTN Rewards gives you free airtime from 0.25Gp to GHC 20. Now, go check your points and redeem your free airtime any time.

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