Salma Mumin apologises to MTN Ghana over lawsuit fears

Salma Mumin apologises to MTN Ghana over lawsuit fears
Salma Mumin

Following the ultimatum given to actress, Salma Mumin to render an apology to MTN Ghana, she has acted accordingly. The beautiful actress evidently had to do so to escape being served a lawsuit.

A few days back, Salma Mumin accused the telecommunications network of stealing GHC 10,000 from her mobile money(MoMo) wallet. However, MTN Ghana, upon ascertaining that her allegation was false and no such money was ever in her wallet, gave her a 24-hour ultimatum to apologise or risk being sued.

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Following this statement, Salma Mumin took the safer side and apologised to MTN to avoid the lawsuit. In her Instagram post this morning, she stated that her allegation was due to a misunderstanding of the facts of the matter.

Therefore, she retracts her false allegation and apologises to MTN Ghana. Moreover, she also thanked MTN for their promptness in assisting her in ascertaining the facts behind the challenge she was facing on the MoMo service.

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Salma’s apology read:

Salma Mumin apologises to MTN Ghana over lawsuit fears

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