Madina Akuure Yahaya inspires Asare Bediako SHS students


Promising Edu Fundazoine scholar, Madina Akuure Yahaya together with her colleague scholars paid a visit to the Asare Bediako Senior High School.

The major reason for their visit was to spur the students’s urge to achieve higher academically. Madina believes good education does not have to be a privilege for a few, but a right for all.

Below is a report of all that transpired during their visit from Madina Akuure Yahaya.

“On Monday, 24th January, 2022, I joined hands with my colleagues Scholars( Edu Fondazoine) to visit Asare Bediako Senior High School, a less endowed SHS in the Adansi North District.

The visitation was to inspire students on Achieving Academic Excellence, to give them a guide to Higher education and to let them know the amazing opportunities that exist in KNUST for less-endowed schools as well as students from poor backgrounds.

The Voice we offered rekindled Hope in the students as my mission is to significantly make an impact in the various aspects of life, especially education.

The exercise offered me the opportunity to see how life is, at a less endowed school.

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My heart was filled with sorrow going round the school & seeing the state of the few facilities they have as an institution which harbors and imparts knowledge to students to prepare them for Tertiary Education & the future.

The school lacks infrastructure and it does not provide a conducive environment for effective and efficient teaching and learning._ No wonder, KNUST provides a free admissions & scholarship opportunities for students who excel from such schools.

There is a need to do more, to make resources available to augment the teaching and learning process.

The School has over 800 students & offers the following programmes: Home Economics, General Science, Business, General Art and Agriculture with only one laboratory and about 5 classrooms Blocks with just a handful chairs.

Students runs a shift system due to limited classrooms and chairs to sit. This is a setback to the academic success of students.

Even though the school is less endowed, it has managed to produce worthy human resource & scholars like Francis Adjei, an Electrical engineer from KNUST and a past president of Fondazoine Edu Scholars in KNUST.

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He and many others who made it from the school are a testimony that the school has a lot to offer and despite their challenges they are able to pull through and bring out the best in their students.

It is in the light of this that I intend to add a Voice by humbly appealing to the government, NGOs, Stakeholders, Individuals etc, to come to their aid. They deserve better & quality education to illuminate their future.

Education should definitely be a right for all Ghanaians. Thank you.

Madina Akuure Yahaya
#Voice Of Hope”

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