VIDEO: Achimota Rasta student assaults dad. Drugs or recalcitrance?


VIDEO: Achimota Rasta student assaults dad. Drugs or recalcitrance?

The controversy regarding the refusal of Achimota School to admit a Rastafarian student was topical months ago. The school refused to admit the student due to his dreadlocks, which they said were against their school rules.

The parents of the said student upon taking the case to court got their son admitted following the court’s ruling.

However, though there is an appeal of the case currently in court, the Rastafarian student, Tyron Marghuy is in the news again. He is in the news for all the wrong reasons as he allegedly assaults his father, Tereo Marghuy.

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The father, in a recent video, narrates how his son attacked him when he tried to reprimand him. Furthermore, he bemoaned his son’s mother is the one condoning his misbehaviour.

Meanwhile, we wonder why in the world a son would have the courage to assault his father. Our wondering expedition left us with two possible underlying causes.

Thus, the boy was either on drugs or he is too recalcitrant. Whichever you side with, your guess is as good as ours.

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