Inflation rate galloping, hits 27.6% in May


Inflation rate galloping, hits 27.6% in May

Inflation rate in May 2022 recorded 27.6% from the 23.6% recorded in April 2022, the Ghana Statistical Service (GS) has announced.

The Government Statistician, Professor Kobina Annim, explained at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday June 8 that the rate of inflations for Transport (39.0%), Household Equipment and Maintenance (33.8%), Housing, Water, Gas and Electricity(32.3%) and Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (30.1.6%) were higher than the national average (27.6%).

Regarding food inflation five sub-classes record inflation rates higher than the overall food inflation (30.1%) in May.

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The inflation for imported goods was 28.2%, which is higher than the 24.7% recorded for April 2022, while the inflation for locally produced items was 27.3%, up from the 23.0% recorded in April 2022.

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