Pascal Akotia appointed Judicial Chairperson of KNUST Obuasi SRC


Pascal Akotia was appointed Judicial Chairperson of KNUST Obuasi SRC by the incoming SRC administration.

The next SRC Administration of the KNUST Obuasi SRC, the forthcoming Martin-Fosu-led administration seems very promising. From their resounding victory at the polls to their policy lineup, they ostensibly have all the odds in their favor.

The said administration is yet to launch into full operation. However, as a matter of constitutional prerequisite, they have appointed a Judicial Chairperson. The Martin-Fosu-led administration appointed Mr. Pascal Akotia as the Judicial Chairperson for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The meritorious appointment is in pursuance of chapter 5 article 20 clause 11 (a) of the KNUST OBUASI CAMPUS SRC constitution 2021. Similarly, in line with the provision noted, Mr. Pascal Akotia would be sworn in on the 23rd of September, 2022. Thus, at the 3rd swearing-in and second handover ceremony of the KNUST Obuasi SRC.

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Speaking of the Judicial Chairperson designate, Mr. Pascal Akotia, he was the deputy Judicial chairperson of the erstwhile Abban-led Administration. He ably assisted His Lordship Zaid Shamuna. During their tenure, the SRC Judicial Council they led earned great visibility among the student populace.

Moreover, their impressive grip on court proceedings during the SRC’s pre-election litigations was such a sight to behold. Thus, talkless of the trust their posture commanded and the calm it restored following the pronouncement of their judgments. The delivery on their mandate was nothing short of a yeoman’s. That is why Mr. Pascal Akotia’s appointment is of utmost laudability.

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Meanwhile, the KNUST Obuasi SRC’s second handover ceremony is slated for tomorrow at the school’s OSC Auditorium. The august occasion is open to all students of the school.

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