Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri to have a baby as they start a relationship in 2 years


Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri to have a baby as they start a relationship in 2 years.

Popular Ghanaian celebrity couple, Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri rose to fame following their ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy skits. The two become the most popular duo in comic acting following the release of the short comic series.

In view of how they looked good together in the skits as Kalybos always tried to woo Ahuofe Patricia, many wanted them married. However, though both previously dispelled any rumors of being in a relationship, they now plan to start one.

Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri would have a baby after starting a relationship in two years. According to her, they have agreed to start a relationship in the next two years if both of them are still single. They are currently both single, they claim.

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Moreover, speaking of how possible it was, Ahuofe Patri said they would just start giving more attention to each other. Their relationship and childbirth are most imminent because they are already in each other’s plans.

Ahuofe Patri said, “We have come to an agreement that, after two years, if I don’t have a lover and he also does not have one, we will have a child. So watch out, if you don’t hear that either Kalybos or myself is married, we will have a baby coming out.”

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“We will probably start paying attention to each other. We are in each other’s plans,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Ahuofe Patricia was speaking in an interview with Felicia Osei on Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma.


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