Sarkodie’s plane crash incident: flight nearly crashed into the ocean


Sarkodie’s plane crash incident: flight nearly crashed into the ocean.

Africa’s highest award-winning rapper, Sarkodie recounts his plane crash incident as he calls out the airline. He, unfortunately, could not make it to his Detroit concert due to the near-fatal flight incident. The musical event which was part of his lineup of shows for his Jamz World Tour had to be cancelled as a result.

According to the rapper’s account, his flight had to do an emergency landing in Portugal on an island to avoid crashing. Thus, his plane nearly crashed into the ocean due to an onboard emergency necessitating the crash landing, he shockingly revealed.

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However, Sarkodie was not perturbed by the sudden turn of events as he only bemoaned the poor communication of the airline during the emergency. He also lamented the weak and outdated nature of the aircraft used for their operations in Africa.

Moreover, the airline, Delta Air Lines stood them up at the airport for several hours without any communication nor compensation for the time wasted. He further revealed his intel confirms such awful service is very usual of the airline.

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The BET Award-winning rapper then apologized to his fans in Detroit, reassuring them of his commitment to them. Sarkodie posted:

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