Keta SHS ride the wave against Ghana SHS


Keta SHS and Ghana SHS, Tamale, tussled for the last spot available in the quarterfinals of Senior Sharks 7.

When the contest wound up, Keta SHS had gone ahead of Tamasco to earn their badge in the Super Ranked Schools division. Keta SHS, in as many Senior Sharks Quiz appearances are yet to win the coveted ‘Book of Knowledge’ trophy.

They’ve, however, won many high profile contests and are the proud recipient of a 2nd Runner-up medal in Season 3. With two wins under their belt in Senior Sharks 7, Ghana SHS (Ghanasco) were coming into this contest with desire and a history-making mindset. Unfortunately it was the last we were going to see of the Tamale school in Senior Sharks 7 as Ketasco foiled them.

Right Corner Round

In a rarity in quiz competitions across the country, twin brothers Manfred and Alfred Antwi lined up and combined effectively to answer Keta’s social literacy questions. The brothers didn’t disappoint as they earned a big score of fifty (50) for Ketasco.

When social literacy is mentioned in Ghana SHS, the only name that comes to mind is Farida Abubakar. For the third time in Senior Sharks 7, Farida displayed top level brilliance as she controlled the social literacy questions to earn forty (40) points for Ghanasco.

R Cubed Round

Patently aware that only ten (10) points stand between them, both schools ventured forth with all hands on deck. There was good answers provided to the Reading and Writing questions by both sides, but Ketasco were clearly the better team.

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In the Arithmetic there was a mishmash of “pass” responses from both schools until Keta braved the storm and answered two questions which were deemed as incorrect. The two incorrect answers thus reduced Keta’s score from forty (40) to thirty (30) at the end of the round. Ghana SHS on the other hand left the round with ten (10) points.

STEM Round

Still coasting ahead of Ghanasco comfortably, Ketasco confidently interrupted to pick the first riddle of the round. After missing the next two, Ghanasco sensed an opportunity and buzzed to bring the riddle home correctly for ten (10) points.

Keta will have the last laugh of the round, after they picked the last riddle but their score remained zero (0). Likewise, zero (0) points also stood against Ghanasco’s name.

One-on-one Round

The contest had turned out to be a marathon rather than a sprint, and any one could potentially win this. As such, Andani and Kelvin angled up in all seriousness as English specialists for Ghanasco and Ketasco.

They both could not decipher the first scrambled word, while Kelvin would find out that there is a big difference between “psychopath” and “sycophant”. No points from either side.

Math specialists were named as Huudu and Chris for Ghanasco and Ketasco respectively.
Yet again, none added any points to their respective scores. Collins of Ghana SHS was pitted against Perpetual of Keta SHS, and together made up Math experts.

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Perpetual was the one who broke the silence in the round when she waited patiently to pick the second question after Collins bundled it. In General Knowledge, Farida represented Ghana SHS as experts while Alfred stood for Keta SHS.

The twenty (20) points at stake was shared between them. After all was said and done, scores gave Ghana SHS ten (10) points while Keta SHS took twenty (20) points.

When final Scores showed up on the screen, Ghana SHS had sixty (60) points against a hundred (100) points by winners, Keta SHS.
If you’ve followed Ketasco religiously, you’d notice they’ve always punched above their weight.

Their next contest will be an interesting one to watch. Stay tuned, and congratulations to both teams.

Quiz Results

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