Odelet’s electrifying album, “Pisces Pie”


On May 11, 2024, Odelet, a Detroit-born artist who is currently residing in California released her latest studio album, “Pisces Pie”. The highly anticipated project follows the success of her previously released EP, “Odelet’s Hufflepuff” and pre-released singles.


Odelet is a multi-talented singer and composer who began her music career while attending Portland State University for Visual Art. Her debut record, “Experiment”, is a testament to that fact of her versatility.

In 2022, Odelet co-founded the production company “Everlasting Tape” to produce her first full-band production, “The Angels Album”. This record marked her entry into the Soul and R&B genres, which has been her passion since childhood.

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However, the artist draws inspiration from her love of old-school Hip-Hop, though her vocals have a jazzy quality. This album is the second project from her and “Everlasting Tape”, following the success of “The Angels Album”.

With the new album, “Pisces Pie”, she yet again proves her ability to blend different genres and create something unique and captivating.

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