Today, Salvation has come to sinners.

Today, Salvation has come to sinners.
Rev. Fr. Michael Owusu-Kwateng

Sunday Reflection

“Today, Salvation has come to sinners”
A canoe is useful where there is a big river, lake or sea. No one buys a canoe brings it to Kejetia. What on earth, will a canoe be doing in Kejetia. It makes a lot of sense to buy a canoe and send it to Cape-coast, Elmina, etc. Similarly, Salvation is there for people who have sinned, people who are lost. Since all have sinned, salvation is there for all, but only those who acknowledge their sinfulness are able to approach salvation (made available to all).

The Manifestation of God’s Love:

The first reading brings us face-to-face with the manifestation of God’s loving care in the preservation of all things, in the forgiveness of sins and restoration of humans to our lost dignity. He overlooks our sins and gives us ample time to repent. God feels himself in every creature because of His imperishable love for us. He uses many indicators to prompt us to retrace our steps.
Do people picture you as an outcast of Christ? Or do your actions and inactions make you feel being an outcast in Christ? Today, Jesus uses his loving care for the outcast, Zacchaeus to show us how meaningful our lives are to him.

God: I love tax collectors:

The Jews saw the tax collectors as traitors who collaborated with their enemies (Romans) to occupy their country and on top of it, collected taxes for them. In addition to collaborating with the Romans, they were using their office to extort money from their own people. The people hated them, shun them and regarded them as the worst of people. You may have also committed sins that make people shun your company and irritated seeing you. You are like a tax collector to them, but to Jesus, you are a wonderful friend. Because it is for your sake, he came.

Have a goodwill like Zacchaeus;

Make an effort to see Jesus because He has already seen you. Climb the sycamore and see His hand gesture calling on you to come.
Let us also learn from Jesus as Christians and do the best we can to help those we believe are failures in society. Pax Vobiscum!

Readings for the reflection:

Wisdom 11:22- 12:2, 2 Thessalonians 1:11- 2:2 and Like 19:1-10.

By: Rev. Fr. Michael Owusu-Kwarteng (St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, Ksi)

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