Bulldog pulls out a gun at Shatta Wale’s house “death always wins” 

Bulldog pulls out a gun at Shatta Wale's house
Bulldog and Shatta Wale

Outspoken Ghanaian artiste manager and Shatta Wale’s current manager, Bulldog has over the years been known for his brutally honest opinions. Apart from showing up in the news due to his artiste, Shatta Wale, he is mostly also in the news for expressing his thoughts in the most frightless manner on topical issues. The most recent ones have been his controversial thoughts on the place of women in decision making and his fearless remarks about the Ghana police.

However, today, Bulldog is in the news for a completely different reason. He was spotted with a gun at Shatta Wale‘s house. The artiste management expert was earlier today seen in the premises of Shatta Wale‘s popular swimming pool house. And from the pictures that he took standing near the swimming pool, he was in possession of a machine gun.

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Though our sources could not confirm what exactly he was doing there with a gun. This is what we have been able to gather from Bulldog‘s personal Facebook account:

Bulldog took a photo of himself flaunting the gun, with the caption:

“The enemy always wins.  Death is the enemy, the first and the last enemy.   Before the enemy comes, the war to survive don’t stop”

From the caption, it was evident Bulldog was talking about death, which he termed as ‘the enemy’. And from the hashtags he used, it could be deduced he was writing another edition of his series of posts with the hashtag that read “Year of Resurrection”[#YEAROFRESURECTION].

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Nonetheless, the gun picture may have not been the only reason for bringing out the gun. There could have been other reasons. Like for instance, if there was a music video shoot that required a gun scene. However, we can not say much for now, but we will keep you updated.

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Check out the post below:

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