Dr Dawsound’s new song dubbed “Electric Heartbeat,” melts hearts


Dr Dawsound‘s new song, “Electric Heartbeat” would definitely melt your hearts thanks to his incredible talents in songwriting and beat production on this tune.

Have you for once noticed we are in a world filled with choices: You choose to be real or fake, Human or cyber, etc? You get to choose the kind of music genre you want to listen to. But I am confident you wouldn’t want to opt for any other genre after you have been introduced to all the cycles of the music genres produced by the amazing record producer and songwriter.

Dr Dawsound‘s sound takes you on a whole new musical journey, you would want to get stuck on it. You will feel an intense electric heartbeat in an energized world. It’s certainly so phenomenal, I must say.

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Thus, Dr Dawsound happens to perform, arrange, and record his compositions all alone in his home studio in Marseille, France. That is where he is from and his particularity: all tracks are composed note by note like classic musicians without samples or loops. Lest I forget, he is also a classic beatmaker, a topliner, and a Lyricist.  Isn’t that incredible? A jack of all trades, he is.

Moreover, let me put it on record that, Dr Dawsound is not a singer nor a live performer. This is the reason why he collaborates with international artists for voices, including the likes of Rihanna.

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Nonetheless, all his songs are usually mixed by Daniela Rivera (Atlanta, USA). Who also happens to be a 2X Golden Melody & EMMY award-nominated mixing engineer and a 2X GRAMMY participating audio engineer who holds mixing assistant credits for artists including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Coldplay and many more.

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