It’s stupidity to hate and attack gays and lesbians (LGBTQI) – Juliet Ibrahim “It’s Nkwasiasem”

It's stupidity to hate and attack gays and lesbians - Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim joins the growing list of celebrities who are seeking the protection of thee basic human rights of gays and lesbian in Ghana. Just as Sister Derby, Bridget Otoo, Kwabena Kwabena and several others did recently.

The top celebrated Ghanaian actress in a recent post registered her displeasure in the hate of most Ghanaians for the LGBTQI community. She stated that those raging against them are shallow-minded, and they would not have done so if they had travelled and experienced the LGBTQI situation abroad and across the world.

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She further stressed that those attacking Gays and Lesbians are a bunch of uneducated people. Their relatives and even politicians, who travel abroad to work, are employed by gays, paid by gays, and even make friends with people who are gay. So what moral right do Ghanaians have to speak against these gays and lesbians, who have done nothing wrong?

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Moreover, she added that we have no right to judge them, for even the Bible says so. It is hypocritical and cowardice that we uphold bad politicians, fake pastors, polygamists, rapists and even murderers but want to judge other’s sexuality. We are all sinners.

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Further speaking, Juliet Ibrahim advised that instead of wasting our energies on fighting gays and lesbians, we should rather focus on getting ourselves out of poverty, for we are worse than monsters or the devil if we hurt them.

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It is stupidity to call others since ners when we are too “Nkwasiasem”, she ended.

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