Shatta Wale declares his love for gays

Shatta Wale declares his love for gays

Still speaking on the ongoing anti-LGBTQI+ bill debate, Shatta Wale had more than just an opinion to share. Thus, apart from disclosing his position on the issue, he also had a declaration to make.

Shatta Wale declared his love for gays after blasting our leaders for making a big issue out of people’s sexual preferences. According to him, he has gay and lesbian fans, and he loves them dearly. He does not discriminate against members of LGBTQI+ community, he rather loves and supports them.

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“I have fans who are lesbians, I have fans who are gays. Like, I fucking love gays… ”

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Moreover, Shatta Wale went on to encourage gays and lesbians to feel free and live their lives, he loves them all.

“Shatta Wale loves you (gays and lesbians) all. I fucking love you, mehn”

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Shatta Wale was speaking on Kalyjay‘s Twitter space, #KalyjaySpace. Listen to him below:

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