Before I met Cina Soul, many girls broke my heart – Kidi reveals

Before I met Cina Soul, many girls broke my heart – Kidi reveals

The question about whether Kidi and Cina Soul are dating is not for me to answer. They are in the best place to do that. However, what I can assure you is that they certainly have a lot up their sleeves.

That is why when they appeared on UTV’s United Showbiz over the last Saturday; half of their discussions were about Kidi and Cina Soul’s relationship rumors. Though the couple vehemently debunked the rumors, they however kept giving us more and more reasons to doubt their words.

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They did a lot while Live on the show; you can read about some via the link above. Nonetheless, one more thing Kidi revealed was that before he met Cina Soul, many girls had broken his heart. Thus, now that he has Cina Soul he is no more ever heartbroken.

“Way before I met Cina, somebody broke my heart” He said.

What is that supposed to mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Meanwhile, Kidi said this during his live performance on the show, when he was about to perform his heartbreak song, Letter to Afia.

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