Maloa Foundation to aid northern flood victims


The benevolent non-governmental organisation, Maloa foundation seeks to come to the aid victims of the recent flood that hit residents of the Northern part of Ghana.

However, in view of the magnitude of the resources needed to support these victims of the unfortunate incident, the foundation would appreciate some external support. They would want equally benevolent individuals or firms to extend a helping hand to supplement the efforts of the foundation.

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The Maloa foundation, which took upon itself to share food and other relief items during the COVID-19-induced lockdown, believes the current humanitarian course is beyond what the foundation can finance on its own. That is why the foundation seeks to fervently appeal for the support of the general public to help them bring relief to these flood victims.

The founder of the foundation, Mickydary Yakubu speaking about this noted that:
“the foundation has been undertaking these humanitarian acts largely from its coffers. However, this time around, we seek the support of well-meaning Ghanaians to ensure better relief packages for these victims.”

Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation

Items Needed

Some items that would greatly help this course include clothes, food items, mosquitoes nets, among other relief items.

Maloa Foundation to aid northern flood victims
A saddened victim after the flood

The flood occurred precisely in Upper East, along the Bolga-Bawku stretch. It left many travellers stranded at the various parts of the road unable to travel across from Bolga to Bawku and vice verse.

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The dam spillage caused this flooding which affected many homes – collapsing most these homes, destroyed farms and washed away numerous livestock. The flood also extended to other parts of the northern belt of Ghana.

Maloa Foundation aids hundreds of vulnerable people with safety and relief items

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