Shatta Wale causes a big loss to Medikal’s forthcoming album


Shatta Wale causes a big loss to Medikal’s forthcoming album at its recent listening.

Dancehall singer, Shatta Wale stole all the attention from Medikal’s album listening with this mediocre at best. He and Abena Korkor were all over the place at Medikal’s recent album listening.

Shatta Wale’s kiss with Abena Korkor at the event should have been the last straw, but they continued with grinding and even more.

Why would someone who went to support his good friend end up making all the headlines to the detriment of the friend’s work? What was the rationale behind the shenanigans Shatta Wale and Abena Korkor were busy displaying at the event?

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Now, the event is over, and thanks to Medikal’s own friend who chose to make himself the center of attention, ‘nobody’ knows the album in question. Mention it in the comments if you do.

I dare to say that aside from Medikal’s own PR strings pulled, all other news portals only reported about Shatta Wale and Abena Korkor. Now, Medikal stands at the losing end, with a big loss on the traction the album listening should have generated.

This is not right and it’s high time somebody told Shatta Wale enough is enough for his absurd clout chase.

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Meanwhile, the next time I talk about this, I may be tempted to borrow Sarkodie’s words: “Attention seeking is not bad, but too much of it is [a] chronic disease.”

I rest my case. Adios.

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