Most Ghanaian artists are snakes and vultures – Kwesi Arthur reveals


Most Ghanaian artists are snakes and vultures – Kwesi Arthur reveals

Ghanaian BET Awards nominee, Kwesi Arthur reveals most Ghanaian artists are snakes and vultures. Most of them act friendly and caring, but in reality, they are no less than serpents and vultures.

Though he agrees Ghana’s music industry is “a terrific enterprise,” he bemoaned it’s full of vultures. These vultures would eat you up if you are not careful. Thus, there are so many greedy people in the industry, you literally have to always look before you leap.

“there’s simply a lot of vultures in there. There’s a lot of faking. People will snake [bite] you [unawares] the least opportunity they get,” he said.

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Moreover, Kwesi Arthur cautioned you even have to be wary of those you trust. Make sure to double-check to be absolutely convinced they are really in for your good.

“Even those you trust.” “You have to be extremely careful and make sure you have real individuals that desire your good working with you,” he added.

Speaking of Bad contracts, he noted it is another ‘toxic’ issue.

“You signing bad deals, horrible deals [with] people you think are really for you but they are only in it for themselves.” “There is a lot of that [in the industry],” he noted in his perforated white shirt.

Nonetheless, when asked whether he has ever fallen prey to their antics, he answered “Oh yeah,” with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

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However, the ‘Grind Day’ hitmaker quickly added he has recovered from those wounds and is better now.

“But we’re in a better place now,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kwesi Arthur was speaking in an interview with Dessy Fayden on Metro TV’s Entertainment Review show.

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