Too Spyce wins TV3 Mentor XI, becomes the first female to win TV3 Mentor


Too Spyce wins TV3 Mentor XI, becomes the first female to win TV3 Mentor.

Week in and week out, we looked forward to exciting performances from the TV3 Mentor XI contestants. Every Saturday and Sunday, they gave off their best on Ghana’s most popular music reality show, TV3 Mentor.

It has been a riveting journey of grooming and sifting through the performances of these Mentor XI contestants. Last night was the grand finale and Too Spyce, Tiah, Marckel, and Herby were the finalists.

In a battle for the enviable TV3 Mentor XI winner title, they gave off their last two performances. Each of them had to put in their best foot in the run for the ultimate title of becoming the winner of TV3 Mentor XI.

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Moreover, they were also craving the mouth watering prizes, the deals, and the fame it brings. Watch the grand finale below and check out the winners of TV3 Mentor XI beneath it.

Watch TV3 Mentor XI Grand Finale

TV3 Mentor XI winners

3rd Runner Up


2nd Runner up


1st Runner up


TV3 Mentor XI winner

Too Spyce is the winner of TV3 Mentor XI. She makes history as the first female to win TV3 Mentor. Thus, after 11 seasons since the inception of the competition by TV3.

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The winner, Too Spyce got a cash prize of GHC 40,000, a trip abroad, and GHC 100,000 worth of airtime on Media General. She also received a golden plaque, GHC 15,000 worth of Medical Insurance cover and Spa Treatment from DrugNet, and numerous products from sponsors.

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