Paul Jorgensen’s album, “Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?”


Paul Jorgensen’s album, “Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?” [1993-2023]

Music veteran, Paul Jorgensen releases his third solo studio album in his decades-long musical career. His longevity in the music scene spans from 1980 to date.

However, Paul Jorgensen has been in the production of electronic music since the mid-1980s. Thus, nearly a decade before the start of his career in musical performances as a recording artist.

He had studied audio engineering in Los Angeles in the 1980s, following which he practiced music production professionally. That was precisely when he began producing electronic music.

Barely a decade after, Paul Jorgensen’s first solo album, “Down Wind and out of Tyme” was released. It was released in 1986 on cassette, the best medium back then. Years down the line, in 1994 the singer released “Seeds”, his second solo studio album on the CD format.

Paul Jorgensen’s latest solo recording, “Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?” was released just in January. The third studio album on his catalog was manufactured as a double vinyl record.

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The record was produced and engineered within a period of over a decade in the USA and Australia between, thus between 1993 and 2023. Moreover, features many contributions from other renowned musicians, including the likes of Daniel Brown on Electric Violin, Roger Ruzow and Adam Woogmaster on Trumpet, Mark Giles on electric drums, and David Patterson on Electric Guitar.

Paul Jorgensen’s complete work of art, “Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?” explores sonic soundworlds that collide with tribal-driven beats. Considering the length of time expended in its production and the various artistic contributions to it, the record is a must-listen.

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