“Bodywise” Gary Dranow’s new single release


“Bodywise” is Gary Dranow’s new single release, a mind-blowing track from the multi-talented artist that you would love.

This new song was actually born out of a productive collaboration between Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions. It is a sweet blend of Pop Rock and exploration of societal pressure on the young women out there.

Meanwhile, it has already been established that Gary Dranow’s music mostly draws inspiration from his personal experiences and societal happenings. It is therefore no surprise that “Bodywise” completely reflects the journey the band went through in overcoming its life challenges and explores the kind of pressure young women go through as they strive to make a living.

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Moreover, what makes this particular track of his much more unique is its powerful inspirational message of breaking free from our culture and societal expectations and forging forward to embracing our individual uniqueness.

Aside from this new banger being sufficiently loaded with inspirational messages and all, its melodious composition is nothing less that could be disregarded.

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