TV3 journalist tries to feed herself with ¢20 for a whole day


TV3 journalist tries to feed herself with ¢20 for a whole day, amidst the economic crisis.

Amidst Ghana’s current economic crisis, how much does the average Ghanaian spend on food daily? With cost of living skyrocketing, how does the Ghanaian feed on the daily?

Helen Appiah-Ampofo, a TV3 journalist hits the streets in an expedition to feed herself with just ¢20 in a whole day. In a bid to test the pulse of the current hardships, she could barely feed herself breakfast and lunch, talk less of supper.

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Thus, after spending ¢4 on Hausa Koko for breakfast, she was only left with ¢16 for lunch. At lunch, that remainder could only afford her a ¢15 Fufu, which may not even satisfy her. Whiles the ¢1 was spent on sachet water.

Moreover, interviewing the owners of the food joints, she was told the average amount people have to buy to be satisfied is ¢20.

Therefore, if the average Ghanaian has to spend more than ¢20 on only food daily, how are people coping during these hard times? Can people afford 3 square meals daily?

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