Proklaim’s motivational song, Starfall


Proklaim’s motivational song, Starfall is out now.

Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nas-inspired rap music act, Proklaim dropped another musical project dubbed Starfall. The guitarist cum Hip-hop talent decided to name the new song of his Starfall but not for the reasons you expect.

According to him, his songs are not named to correlate with the content of the musical pieces he makes but rather the instrumental. To him, the pieces of beat that form his music’s instrumentals are the key determinants of his song titles, not the lyrics nor their meaning.

“I usually title songs after the instrumental used…they dont necessarily match the content..its art..there’s no rules,” he said, speaking to this.

Speaking about what got him psyched up for the production session that led to the composition of this song, he noted he felt the more you record the more special moments are captured on track. So, he did just that by constantly recording and putting out records that could get him better with time.

However, the new single is particularly about prevailing even when it takes a while to happen. Thus, keeping the charge to succeed regardless of the amount of time it takes you to finally be successful.


With regards to what went into the composition, Proklaim disclosed it was a very simple one. It was very straightforward, he just had to write to the beat and lay the tracks down with his vocals and that was it.

Meanwhile, Just like most of his other productions, Starfall was also recorded at PenPushaz studio and mixed by Audio Art Namibia.

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