Mothers must check their sons’ erections every morning – Prostate Condition expert


Mothers must check their sons’ erections every morning – Prostate Condition expert

We all know that Good Morning erection of the penis, right? The male reproductive organ under normal circumstances is always supposed to have an erection every morning. Thus if the organ is in good health.

However, have you thought of who is supposed to check to confirm if it’s always erect each morning? The person in question or his mother, right? A prostate health expert, Dr. Charity Twumasi-Ankrah cautioned mothers to always check their children’s erection every morning. She made this known in a recent interview on Joy Prime.

According to her, each morning, mothers must ensure their children wake up with erections to be sure their prostate is in good condition. If the child does not have an erection, then there is a problem with the penal gland and she must take him to the hospital.

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Thus, from as early as two years, mothers should be checking these penis erections for their children. Nonetheless, when the children grow to understand the importance of their penis, then they can start checking it by themselves.

In view of this, we ask. At what age should mothers hand over this responsibility to their children? At your age, do you check it? Would you allow your mother to keep checking it for you?

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