Jackie Appiah’s case exposes Shatta Wale’s hypocrisy for blasting her


Jackie Appiah’s case exposes Shatta Wale’s hypocrisy for blasting her some time ago.

Shatta Wale grossly disrespected Jackie Appiah for what many misconstrued as a rant. You may know this is quite usual of him if you have been taking a keen interest in happenings in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

The Dancehall crooner even went as far as calling her names, popular among which was his ‘Toto works’ affront, accusing Jackie Appiah of harlotry.
He casted slurs on the reputation of the revered actress for just honoring the invitation of the National Lottery Authority(NLA) to its event.

According to him, he could not fathom why she was involved in an NLA activity since celebrities were banned from endorsing gambling/betting. Moreover, he also allegedly begrudged her for disagreeing with him on celebrities charging the government for the COVID-19 sensitization campaigns.

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Infuriated by this, Shatta Wale blasted Jackie Appiah, raining all sorts of unprintable words on her in his Facebook Live. This sparked a very serious controversy for which he nearly suffered Jackie Appiah’s wrath in a defamation suit.

However, a few months down the line, the same Shatta Wale is now actively involved in the launch of Pick 1 Game, a Game Park GH Lottery service. He was in Kumasi at the Kumasi City Mall yesterday for this very purpose.

With this noted and the background chronicled, it is quite evident he attacked Jackie Appiah out of sheer jealousy or hypocrisy. Though he disguised it as an advocacy for the showbiz industry, he was evidently just bitter that it was not him getting the cheque at the end of the day.

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If in doubt, here’s a quick analogy:
The ban on celebrity endorsements of gambling has still not been lifted. So why is Shatta Wale now involved in the aforementioned gambling program after blasting the likes of Jackie Appiah for doing the same?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Barring coincidence, I would not borrow Arnold’s words, ‘Shatta is consistently inconsistent’, but you be the judge.

I rest my case.

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