I wanted to die in an accident with my Range Rover – Funny Face recounts his suicide attempt

I wanted to die in an accident with my range-over - Funny Face recounts his suicide attempt
Funny Face(Middle)

At this point, we can say Funny Face is that Ghanaian comedian with the most controversies about his personal life. Most of these controversies are always devasting experiences in his life, despite committing himself to entertain children with his comic talent.

However, Children’s President as he proudly calls himself, his life experiences are woes no child would ever dream to have. Funny Face recently revealed in an interview with Mona Gucci, that at a point he even wanted to commit suicide due to those awful life experiences.

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The comic actor made the revelation about his suicide attempt, stating that his soul-killing encounter with his then first wife, was what almost drove to do that. Thus, her attempt to publicly shame him, by telling the media he was a sexually weak man, who could only last 2 minutes in bed.

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The daunting allegation from his ex-wife, according to Funny Face himself, made him so depressed to the extent that he wanted to die. What even worsened his situation was the manner in which the media and some Ghanaians over-exaggerated it.

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However, he noted he finally felt he had had enough of the trolls and wanted to end it all by committing suicide when he realised that even children were also trolling him to his face.

Funny Face recounts his suicide attempt

Moreover, Funny Face also recounted how he intended to kill himself in an accident with his Range Rover due to the ‘2 minutes man’ saga. The actor disclosed he drove at an excessive speed of 200 mph during his suicide attempt. He wanted to lose control over the vehicle and die if an accident had occurred.

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Finally, Funny Face then debunked the claims of his ex-wife again, questioning whether we had an idea the number of minutes of sex it takes to produce twins. Further adding that anybody still in doubt could go ahead and question his current ‘girlfriend’ about his sexual prowess.

Watch the video below:

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