Ghanaians should applaud Shatta Wale for his gunshot hoax – A Plus elucidates

Ghanaians should applaud Shatta Wale for his gunshot hoax – A Plus elucidates

Outspoken Ghanaian entertainment guru, A Plus shares his opinion on Shatta Wale’s recent gunshot hoax that landed him in prison. He seems to disagree with the school of thought that thinks Shatta’s gunshot stunt was absolutely wrong or needless.

Contrary to that, Kwame A Plus thinks that all Ghanaians need to applaud Shatta Wale for pulling such a stunt. Thus, it has proven to be beneficial to everyone.

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According to him, just as every dark cloud has a silver lining; Shatta Wale’s gunshot hoax has made a commendable history. The history made is that for the very first time in Ghana, a pastor has been arrested over a prophecy.

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Prior to this, such issues were regarded as spiritual affairs, therefore had no breathing space in our judicial system. Thus, until now such issues never even made it to the police stations talk less of the courts.

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Why Shatta Wale should be applauded

However, presently, the pastor was even the first to be arrested before Shatta Wale was later apprehended. Therefore, we should look at the issue from an all-new angle where, Shatta Wale’s stunt has spurred a positive change, for the good of the whole nation.

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Meanwhile, A Plus was reacting to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo’s submission on UTV’s United Showbiz last Saturday, in which he stated that Shatta Wale should learn from this awful experience.

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