Joyce Blessings’s husband exposes truth behind her drunk video


Joyce Blessings’s husband exposes truth behind her drunk video, she lied.

A video of gospel singer, Joyce Blessing in which she was drunk and professing love to her lover went viral yesterday. Her management took to their heels to release a statement this morning, discrediting stories regarding the video.

According to Joyce Blessings’s management, Joyce Blessing sent the video to her husband and it was not meant for the perusal of the public. This sounds like a perfect explanation for the mess, right?

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Well, yes but until Joyce Blessings’s husband exposed the singer. He exposed the truth behind the video stating that no such video was sent to him. Besides, the name Joyce Blessing mentioned in the video, ‘Kwame’ is not his.

Though popularly called Dave Joy, his name is Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, not Kwame, he said. So, the Kwame his wife, Joyce Blessing mentioned in her drunk video is not him.

Therefore, Joyce Blessing is lying, her management’s press statement is just full of deceit. Watch Dave Joy’s video below:

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